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Week 1: Introduction

Welcome to your first week of The Wedding School. Every week we’ll be releasing new videos on the site. We’ll walk through the wedding fundamental series over the next six weeks. You can also work through these on your own schedule if you prefer.


Week 2: Photo Skills

The theme for this week is Photo Skills. There are five topics in the wedding fundamentals series, and many topics in the growing learning library.


Week 4: Sales & Marketing

Welcome to week four of The Wedding School. This is the big one everyone asks about: Sales and Marketing. How do we attract clients and book weddings?


Week 5: Wedding Skills

Welcome to week five of The Wedding School — we’ve got a LOT to stuff to cover in this email!

This is one of the most important weeks of this program, which is all about Wedding Skills. The first video you should watch this week is Susan’s intro video titled What are Wedding Skills? These are the skills for preparing and shooting the wedding, managing client expectations, dealing with timelines, and managing stress on a stressful day.


Week 6: Post-Production

The Post-Production stage of a wedding is a critical one. You have to ensure safe downloads, meticulous backups, and precise handling of all the files. You have to turn the images around in the time that your contract specifies. You have to keep your clients happy. How do you do it all efficiently?


Week 7: Next Steps

Need to think about what fit here…