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This is the first step in creating the real-world education platform that I wish I’d had access to when I started my own wedding photography business years ago.
—Susan Stripling

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Who Can Benefit From the Wedding School?

New or Aspiring Wedding Photographers

The Wedding School will help you learn quickly and thoroughly, allowing you to develop your craft during the early days of business, while still taking care of the needs and expectations of their your clients. Moreover, you will learn critical business skills necessary to run and market your business, and to generate ongoing sales.

Experienced Wedding Photographers

The Wedding School provides updated education and support to address the changes in technology, marketing, and generational desires frequent in today's wedding photography marketplace, helping you learn new-school techniques to stay competitive in a rapidly changing, digitally connected world.

Simply put,

The Wedding School was built to serve ALL wedding photographers,

both new and experienced...

Join Thousands of Other Wedding Photographers Who:

Have benefited from a real-world training program that cuts through the fluff and goes straight to the important information needed to quickly progress your wedding photography business.
Have learned how to grow a stable and profitable wedding photography business by providing exceptional service, skill, and artistry to the couples they serve.
Have access to a well-organized and comprehensive educational curriculum that is 100% dedicated to wedding photographers, located in a single place, making it easy to find exactly what you want when you want it.
Have access to a continuously updated Learning Library, ensuring that you will can always stay on top of what is relevant TODAY and not what was relevant last year.
Are part of a collective community dedicated to wedding photography as a profession, a service, and an art form, which will help raise the standard of what it means to be a professional wedding photographer.

What’s Inside?

The Wedding Fundamentals Series

The Wedding Fundamentals course at the heart of The Wedding School includes dozens of individual video courses, 4 comprehensive PDF workbooks with over 300 pages of content, and weekly Q&A calls that brings together everything Susan Stripling has taught and learned about wedding photography in her career.
Preview What’s Inside

Preview What’s Inside

& there’s more below the surface

One Year of Unlimited Access

to the ever-expanding learning library

A growing collection of deep dives into the most requested wedding photography topics taught by Susan Stripling and guest instructors. New courses added every week.

“This program covers just about every topic imaginable related to running a successful wedding photography business. This is pretty much wedding photography college.” -Resource Weddings Magazine

“I absolutely love Susan's no nonsense, no excuses approach to the wedding business. Her teaching instills clarity and confidence in a small business owner regardless of experience level - you will learn applicable skills that will make your business more manageable and more profitable.” -Julia Zave Photography, San Francisco, CA

“Susan's videos were the single most important investment in my photography career. Her skills knowledge and passion for education are inspiring. I would not have been able to start a successful wedding business without it and as I continue to grow I am still referring to the videos for support.” -Elaine Barker Photography. Dublin, Ireland

“Susan is not only a fabulous photographer, but an amazing teacher. You can tell she puts her entire heart into both her photography and teaching. Everything is spelled out clearly, and she is an open book about how she works. I highly recommend her!” -Crissy Everhart Photography, Philadelphia, PA

“I truly believe that Susan has inspired me to be a better photographer and a more focused businesswoman, and since watching her videos my photography has turned a corner, after 15 years in the business!” -Chanon Devalois Photography. United Kingdom

“What separates Susan's educational programs is that she isn't there to tell you stories of rainbows and unicorns but instead to provide you with the direction to confidently run your business and to grow as a photographer. She is a refreshing voice in a noisy industry.” -Jeff Allen Studios, Raleigh, NC

“Simply fantastic. All you need to know about wedding photography.” -Jo Charles. London, UK

What Do I Get If I Sign Up?

1 20+ Hours of New Video

Each week over the next 6-weeks, you’ll get access to new educational videos in the wedding fundamentals series covering all aspects of how to make a living as a profitable, working wedding photographer.

2 Private Facebook Group

Join a community of other photographers focused on growing their wedding business to discuss each week's lessons, share work, and build your professional network.

3 Access to Learning Library

Along with this course, receive a full year access to a growing library of education from Susan and other renowned photographers. The library will be updated on a regular basis, with new releases and mini-classes during the year.

4 Part of A Larger Mission

We believe that wedding photography is important. Our long-term mission is to provide the education, community, support, and clarity of purpose that raises the standards of what it means to be a professional wedding photographer today. We want The Wedding School to become the industry benchmark for the type of honest, real-world education that the wedding industry needs.

5 450+ Pages of Textbooks

Follow along with Susan's lessons in this massive resource guide, exclusive to enrollees in The Wedding School. You'll get four in-depth textbooks rolled out over the coming 6 weeks.

6 Weekly Q&A Sessions

You have questions, Susan has answers. Each week Susan will be recording special Q&A sessions to answer questions coming up in the Facebook group or in the individual course segments.

7 Guest Instructors

No one teacher is an expert in all things, especially in an ever changing field like wedding photography. Get excited for surprise events! We’ll be doing special deep dives into photo techniques, lighting and more with several guest instructors. This is all part of the growing learning library.


This is a new course, a new site, and there are a few surprises we haven't unveiled yet. We stand behind all of it. If you sign-up, try it out, and decide this isn't for you, just email us at and we'll issue you a full refund. Easy.

Frequent Questions

How is the wedding school different from other courses Susan has taught before?
Fundamentals are fundamentals. So if you watched Susan’s 30-Days of Wedding Photography, a lot of the Wedding Fundamentals series will include similar updated materials. The wedding industry, and Susan’s own business, have evolved over the last two years so that is reflected in this updated fundamentals series.

The Wedding Fundamentals series includes four substantial textbook PDFs that Susan has written. These go into more depth than anything she has taught or written before.

What we hope will truly differentiate The Wedding School as it grows is the Learning Library that we are building over the coming year. This Library will have massive deep dives into hundreds of topics, guest instructors, and much more that we have yet to reveal.
Where, when, and how can I watch the videos?
At the top of The Wedding School website are links for each of the 5 main areas of running a Wedding Photography business. Clicking on any of these links will take you to the list of course videos for that section.

Click on any of the educational topics and you’ll be able to watch the videos for that topic in the web video player. On the left side of that video play you can quickly jump to particular segments you are interested in.
Can I download and watch the videos offline?
Not yet. We are planning to make the Wedding Fundamentals videos available for download later this year. The Learning Library videos will not be available for download. The PDF textbooks and slides will all be available for download as they become available.
Can I watch the videos any time I want?
Yes, you can watch and learn at your own pace.

The Wedding Fundamental series is organized into 6 weeks of training. They are available for you to watch on your schedule and you have lifetime access to these materials so you can go through them again in the future at any time as well.

What does the 30-day guarantee cover?

This is a new course, a new site, and there are a few surprises we haven't unveiled yet. We stand behind all of it. If you sign-up, try it out, and decide this isn't for you, just email us at and we'll issue you a full refund. Easy.
If I sign-up, what do I actually OWN?
When you sign-up for The Wedding School, you OWN the Wedding Fundamental series. Those videos, PDFs, and materials are yours for life. Your access to that never expires.

As a bonus, you also get 1-year access to a growing Learning Library of additional materials. These deep dive videos go into greater depth in individual areas. Susan is actively listening for the most requested topics and developing new materials every month based on what members are asking for. These deep dive videos are the subscription-based side of the school that you have full access to for a year.
What is the different between the Wedding Fundamentals series and the Learning Library?
The deep dives in the Learning Library allow Susan to explore dedicated topics more deeply than she's been able to before.

For example: In the Wedding Fundamentals series Susan talks about the wedding day worksheet she uses with clients for maybe 10 minutes. While, in a special deep dive on the wedding day worksheet she recorded recently for the learning library, she went question by question through ever item on her client questionnaire.

This deep dive into her wedding day worksheet came directly out of a question someone asked on one of the course videos.
What is the 6-Week schedule if I sign-up today?
Every Monday, we'll be emailing you with links for the course videos and PDF Workbooks.

  • WEEK 1 — Why Wedding Photography?
  • WEEK 2 — Photo Skills
  • WEEK 3 — Business & Finances
  • WEEK 4 — Sales & Marketing
  • WEEK 5 — Wedding Skills
  • WEEK 6 — Post-Production!

If I don't sign-up now, can I get the discount later?
The full price of this program is $599. The current price includes a special limited-time discount.

As Susan builds more and more content for the school, we're removing more of the discount.

Have a question that’s not on the list? Email We’ll get back to you quickly.