Our Mission

The Wedding School aspires to establish the industry benchmark in education for wedding photographers. Our mission is to provide the kind of honest, real-world training, community and support required to build a successful wedding photography business and develop a unique artistic aesthetic.

First and foremost, our mission is help the photography community improve at serving the engaged couples who are the underlying purpose for this industry. We seek to teach photographers how to grow stable and profitable businesses by providing exceptional service, skill, and artistry to the couples they serve.

For new and aspiring photographers we’re building the foundation for a reimagined model of mentoring and apprenticeship that will allow them to develop their craft during the early days of business, while still taking care of the needs and expectations of their their clients. (We’re helping new photographers learn quickly and thoroughly so they can work without hurting their clients or damaging the industry.)

For experienced, established photographers, we’re providing updated education and support to address the changes in technology, marketing, and generational desires frequent in today’s wedding photography marketplace. (We’re helping old-school photographers learn new-school techniques to stay competitive in a rapidly changing, digitally connected world.)

Simply put, The Wedding School is dedicated to supporting wedding photography as a profession, a service, and an art form, and we will work tirelessly to help raise the standard of what it means to be a professional wedding photographer today.

The Wedding School is part of the Photo X network of brands. Photo X is the premier destination for visual creators changing the world of photography, video, and film. We empower photographers and filmmakers with unforgettable experiences at PhotoPlus and WPPI, stories in Rangefinder that leave readers buzzing, and career-defining education and community with The Portrait System powered by Sue Bryce, The Portrait Masters and The Wedding School.