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Wedding Fundamentals Sales & Marketing

23:08 Duration



  1. Watching ‘gathering information’, I just went on Pinterest and found your wedding video pinned from vimeo…and…balled. Powerful, beautiful, lovely…wow.

  2. I have always struggled trying to write my mission statement, I have been working on the bellow for over a 2 years and I had a full page of things I had written down, and just boiled it down to the bellow

    “DeAnda Photography is committed to providing emotive and timeless photography to loving couples and dynamic families of all kinds. We aim to bring out the very best in you and your loved ones through imagery and make lasting heirlooms for you and your family.”

    My question is about target markets, I started marketing to same sex couples when IL legalized same sex marriage, (before the whole country had legalized it) and because of this, about half of my wedding clientele has been same sex couples which I love! Is this too narrow of a target market ? I am a huge supporter in love of all kinds, and love to document it. Where as I know some photographers do not want to work with these couples. I am trying to find more ways to leverage myself as being a photographer who has had experience with all types of couples.

    1. I honestly can’t tell you if it’s too narrow of a target market : I’d have to know more about how many weddings you could do per year, how many same-sex weddings are in your market, what your market is like, and so forth. I’d strongly suggest delving into researching your area more to find out! Best of luck!


Susan Stripling


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