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Wedding Fundamentals Business & Finance

18:32 Duration

Studio Management


  1. During the summit there was a special discount offered for 17 hats. I am wondering if that’s still available to us to use when signing up after trying out the trial period?

  2. Susan, I’ve shot only two weddings (for free, for friends) I only have two booked for Summer of 2016 (one for free, family member, and one only for $1,300.00 (co-worker, that is my fee for my time, she will pay @ my cost for deliverables, which includes an engagement session)… Long stories short, and you may be getting to it in further videos, If you were just starting out, and you needed studio management software, what would you get? I’m a wantrepreneur making $108,000.00 annually as a Dental Hygienist, plus benefits… So it’s hard to justify cutting and running altogether and it’s hard to commit to only photography with virtually no client base. I’m stuck between spending monthly income on websites and software when I’m not that busy in photography… but I also know I need to spend money to make money…. bottom line, what can I do to build my business as I go w/o getting into monthly expenses that aren’t justified with my monthly photography income?

    1. @alvincrainphotography:disqus, your question is definitely on the list for Susan’s next video Q&A. In her video above where she talks about studio management software, she does mention that when she was only shooting a couple weddings, she used a simple notebook and didn’t get more involved until she had more overlapping events.

    2. I use studio cloud, and its actually free software, it keeps track of all my clients, what they owe, the payments they have made, and it has a bunch of other features as well that I don’t even use yet, I am doing about 12 weddings and 20+ portrait style sessions a year and this has suited my needs quite well, and its free!

      I do send out all my contracts, and questioners myself, but with not being super busy it works well for me and I havn’t felt the need to upgrade to have those other features!

    3. Thanks Carol, for taking the time to share that! I appreciate it 🙂 I’ll look into it.


Susan Stripling


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