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Thrive Coaching with Mindy Sonshine

Some words from our amazing host, Mindy Sonshine:

“What if you could find the clarity you need to make good decisions that serve both your peace of mind and your bottom line? I’ve spent years studying the human experience and discovered where peak performance, creativity, and business success REALLY comes from. Your creativity doesn’t stop when the shoot ends. It works just as well at finding business solutions as it does when framing the perfect shot. I’ll show you how to channel your innate ability to create innovative success, and feel good while doing it.

  • Spend less time worrying, and more time moving forward in productive ways
  • Learn to thrive and have clarity no matter what life throws at you
  • Rely on yourself for answers, instead of following the crowd
  • Come up with creative approaches and offerings to increase your revenue
  • Experience business (and life) with less stress and more peace of mind

I’m an expert in unleashing human creativity and bringing out your best in business (and life) with a leading-edge understanding of the human mind. Because when you understand how your mind really works, making amazing things happen becomes no big deal.”

Watch this replay of our live webinar with Mindy now!



Mindy Sonshine