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Wedding Fundamentals Wedding Skills

21:57 Duration

Bride/Groom Prep


  1. :>( again unable to click video 2 – getting dressed and 3 – first look. Blank links when clicking.
    Please let me know when this issue is sorted as all videos with sub links do not appear to work.

  2. “When the wedding is running behind schedule and suddenly you only have 5 minutes for portraits instead of 3 hours, act like you were only going to have 5 minutes to start with.”

    That part is golden!

  3. I guess I must be very fortunate. I love first looks and I’ve always had plenty of time to get them done. For me, a first look makes the day run more smooth due to we have plenty of time for all the formals. I tend to freak out when a bride wishes to have a traditional wedding. I’m learning to handle the time I have after a ceremony to get the most from the hour to hour and a half I have for formals.

  4. Details! I never know what angle to photograph them or how to frame them. I used to think this was the easiest part of a wedding, but for me, it’s stressful. You’re so right in that the details just aren’t that important (for most) and I, like you, do not return to my wedding album to view tablecloths and banquet chairs. 🙂


Susan Stripling


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