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Learning Library Photo Skills, Wedding Skills

32:00 Duration

Bride or Groom Getting Ready

Photographing a bride getting ready is something that all wedding photographers have to learn how to do.  No matter what your style of photography, getting-ready images are part of every wedding day coverage.  How do you document them?  What lenses do you use?  What settings?  How do you position your subjects?  How do you interact with the bride?  How do you light the scene?

Susan Stripling will demystify the entire getting-ready process, whether you are photographing a bride or a groom at this part of the day.  She will begin this video tutorial by breaking down the gear that she brings to the getting ready portion of the wedding day Susan will talk about her go-to lenses, the camera bodies she favors, and why each are important when photographing a bride getting ready.

From there, Susan will talk about the location and how to light each getting ready scenario that you can possibly find yourself in. She will then photographed actual getting ready scenarios on location in a hotel room, much like on a regular wedding day.

Susan will lead you through how to position your subjects when they are getting their hair and makeup done. She will talk about difficulties that you might encounter during this part of the wedding day. She will then move on to photograph a bride getting into her gown, discussing how to light the scenario and how to pose your clients.

Finally, Susan will talk you through difficult scenarios that you might find yourself in during the getting ready portion of the wedding day. She will answer common questions from wedding photographers, and help you learn to navigate this part of the wedding day with ease. After watching this video tutorial, photographing a bride getting ready should be a breeze!


    1. You cannot set a shutter speed while using Aperture Priority. If you want to set both your aperture and your shutter speed, you’ll need to be on Manual. I hope this helps!

  1. Great Videos. Did you ever have problems with the bride, makeup-artist, bride’s friends that it is so dark in the room? Most of the time they want those kind of pictures but also want a friendly, happy bright area where they have fun. Thank you.

    1. There is no reason that you can’t turn off and on the lights as you go. You really have to read every situation, and what you can and can’t do.