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Learning Library Photo Skills

38:18 Duration

Creating Artificial Light

How do you create natural, believable artificial light as a wedding photographer?  Whether or not you brand yourself as a “natural light wedding photographer”, Susan Stripling believes that you need to equip yourself with the tools and skills necessary for creating artifical light in all scenarios : from rainy days to dark reception halls, dimly lit portrait spaces to bright sunny fields.

This video will help you create artificial light for:

  • Portraits of the couple
  • Family formals
  • Receptions

creating artificial light

Full of helpful lighting diagrams, exif information, and more, this video on creating artificial light will take you from “how do I light that?” to “I can totally light that!” in less than an hour!  From speedlights to video light, Profoto B1’s to off-camera flash, everything will be discussed at great length and in great detail!



Susan Stripling