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Working With (and Being!) Second Photographers

This extremely comprehensive course by Susan Stripling and Emily Pogozelski  is your definitive source for all the information that you need to either work with a second photographer or be a second photographer yourself!

The first part of this course is geared towards primary photographers hiring second photographers for their business.  This section will cover:

  • The differences between assisting, being a second photographer, and being a co-photographer.
  • Whether or not you need to work as a second photographer yourself to become a professional.
  • How to determine whether your business (and your coverage) truly needs  a second photographer.
  • How to find a second photographer to work for you – one you love, trust, and work well with.
  • How to figure out the costs associated with hiring a second photographer and adding him/her to your wedding collections.
  • How to price the second photographer for your clients and include him/her on your price list.
  • Why contracts with your second photographer are so important.
  • How adding a second photographer to your weddings will impact your workflow, and how to remain efficient.
  • How to determine the responsibilities and expectations of your second photographer, and how to communicate them clearly.
  • How to be an excellent boss.

The second part of this course is geared towards photographers who want to work as seconds.  This section will cover:

  • The differences between working as a second and working as an assistant.
  • What to expect when being hired as a second photographer.
  • What questions you should always ask of the primary photographer.
  • Whether or not you should expect to have usage of the images you take, and why that might vary from studio to studio.
  • How to get hired again and again.

At the end of this two hour course you’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to either hire or work as a second photographer!