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Wedding Fundamentals Post-Production

How to Deliver Images to Clients

Effectively delivering wedding photos to clients is not as simple as sending an email to let them know their images are online.

In this short course, Susan explains her three-step process for delivering an image gallery to her wedding photography clients. She explains:

  • What she covers in the three emails and why
  • How she varies the communication depending on the package a client ordered
  • The instructions she gives clients on how to view their images
  • How she uses the emails for sales of albums, prints, canvases and more
  • How she uses the emails to offer upgrades and specials

“Hopefully this will help you revamp your image deliver process to something that makes your business more profitable, and easier, and gives you better communication between yourself and your clients.”

—Susan Stripling


  1. Or get hit by a car while riding your motorcycle and spend a week in the hospital. So important to leave yourself extra time.

    When you deliver, how do you typically break up the photos?

    Also when you do give photos to vendors do you put your logo on it? If not is it bad to do so? Do you eventually send them all the photos you gave to clients?

  2. Hi Susan,
    I see you mention using Zenfolio for photo storage and Pixieset for Client Presentation and Delivery. I am curious what you use, recommend or guidance for your website as your online buisness presence?

    Loving the school 🙂

  3. Hi Susan,
    great session! We have one question/problem: Do you ask the clients if it is ok sending ALL pictures to the vendors? I mean there are maybe lots of private moments (dress up etc.). Is it just in your contract or do you tell this the clients at the fist meeting without question?

    I had problems ones time that a clients was surprised that the vendor had a picture from their wedding even it was in the contract. And I had another example where I lost a client because of that. In my contract there is a paragraph that if we are not allowed using the pictures for my portfolio or shindig them to the vendors they have to charge more )15%. And this specific client says this is not fair and chose another photographer.

    Thank you for tell us some more infos about that.
    Best regards



Susan Stripling