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Learning Library Photo Skills

47:39 Duration

My 3 Favorite Lights


  1. Fantastic!!! it is nice to see different possibilities and points of view. Thank you.
    I agree with Susan. Every photographer would have a different style and lighting. With the time we tune up our lighting style and find the tools that make us work in the most comfortable way. Profoto or Broncolor are very nice lighting tools, but just remember, it’s to the eyes to the client the quality of your images. One can have the best equipment but bad composition and lighting won’t sell.

  2. After hearing SOOO much about Profoto lights, it was very refreshing to hear and see how to use a much lower cost alternative. I will definitely be ordering some Alien Bees as I have faced the dreaded way too backlit by a midday sun situation. Thanks for the great info Dina!

    1. Steve, every instructor talked about the lighting that they have purchased and use in their studio. Profoto is very much the go-to lighting system for many, many professionals, which is why many of our educators are Profoto clients. It’s great to hear about alternatives, but I just wanted to explain why so many were talking about Profoto! 🙂


Dina Douglass