Social Media Marketing

Updated for 2022, in this video Susan Stripling explains her no-nonsense, business-focused approach to social media marketing. She encourages wedding photographers to concentrate on generating business—not followers, likes or personal validation. “I would rather have 500 followers and two likes per image, but have my social bringing me in work, than have hundreds of thousands […]

How to Deliver Images to Clients

Effectively delivering wedding photos to clients is not as simple as sending an email to let them know their images are online. In this short course, Susan explains her three-step process for delivering an image gallery to her wedding photography clients. She explains: What she covers in the three emails and why How she varies […]

The Wedding Day Worksheet

One of the key tools in Susan’s arsenal is the wedding day worksheet. This checklist of information is essential to a smooth wedding day experience for both client and photographer. In this course, Susan explains the questions she asks clients in the lead up to the wedding day. She also details how her clients’ answers […]

Inquiry Response Emails

Do you struggle with how to respond to client inquiries?  Should you email them?  Call them?  Text them?  What do you even say in your emails, anyhow? What about if they ghost you?  How do you guarantee that they’ll email you back? My inquiry response workflow has evolved many times over the past eighteen years to what […]

Creating Multiple Exposures

If you’ve ever wanted to know how Susan creates her multiple exposures in camera, this class will be a great place to start learning the process!  Understand the layering methods, come up with a concept, and learn to stack your images in this quick, easy course.

Engagement Sessions : Overcast Days + Nighttime

It’s no secret that I love bright light.  My clients are drawn to the lighting in my images, and when we schedule an engagement session…well, they want that light in their portraits.  What do you do when you find yourself facing a day where there IS no light?  Perhaps the clouds have rolled in, perhaps […]

Working With (and Being!) Second Photographers

This extremely comprehensive course by Susan Stripling and Emily Pogozelski  is your definitive source for all the information that you need to either work with a second photographer or be a second photographer yourself! The first part of this course is geared towards primary photographers hiring second photographers for their business.  This section will cover: The […]

Fitness + Nutrition for Wedding Photographers

We talk a lot here at the Wedding School about the actual art of photography.  What lenses to use, how to light a wedding reception, how to compose a good image, and then how to sell your work.  Marketing, business, branding : these are the things that you think of when you think of wedding […]

Posing Groups + Wedding Parties

One of the toughest parts of any wedding day can be posing groups + wedding parties.  There are so many elements to this part of the day, not limited to: Staying organized. Staying on time…and how to work quickly if things are running late! How to come up with poses when you have no chairs, […]

Embracing Diversity

This class with Monique Melton focuses on diversity, inclusivity, and taking a long, hard look at how your business succeeds and fails on each front – and what to do about it. The course outline is as follows: What is diversity 1. What is: Race Gender Sexuality 2. Why diversity matters : Socially/relationally Economically Physically Spiritually […]

MagMods for Wedding Portraits

How many times do you find yourself at a wedding and needing to make portraits in a dark location with no light?  What do you do?  Do you pull out a video light?  Use a flash?  A studio strobe?  A combination of all of the above?  What do you do when you have no time and maybe your […]

Reception Lighting Using Multiple Off Camera Flashes

When it comes to off-camera flash, the thought can be daunting – but what if you want to use more than one?  Terrifying.  If you want to create reception lighting using multiple off-camera flashes, where do you even start?  How many flashes do you need?  What kind?  What power do you set them on?  Where do […]

Photographing Sparkler Exits

Sparkler exits and other grand exits have been a topic of so many questions here and in the Wedding School Facebook Group. Common questions include: How do you light them?  On-camera flash?  Off-camera flash?  Multiple flashes? A video light?  Natural light? What settings do you use?  What lenses? How do you instruct your clients? How much […]

Storytelling for Social Media Success

Creating your brand’s compelling social media narrative can be overwhelming, but an overarching story is needed to increase social media engagement. Not only do your fans and potential customers want to know about you, your products, and your company’s background, but social media platforms and their algorithms reward pages and accounts that create useful and […]

Watch Me Edit : Live Editing Sessions

An ongoing series of editing videos by Susan Stripling, following along her weekly social media/blog image edits.  Edited in Lightroom largely with her presets from DVLOP. Each image is edited one at a time, by hand, by Susan. We hope that you enjoy this series!

Marketing to Wedding Planners

In this course by photographer Nancy Beale of Studio This Is, we will learn everything about marketing to wedding planners (and why a wedding planner is not the same as a wedding coordinator!) Originally filmed as a live class, Nancy is joined by Susan Stripling to talk about the following: Learning where your wedding photography […]

Creating Artificial Light

How do you create natural, believable artificial light as a wedding photographer?  Whether or not you brand yourself as a “natural light wedding photographer”, Susan Stripling believes that you need to equip yourself with the tools and skills necessary for creating artifical light in all scenarios : from rainy days to dark reception halls, dimly lit […]

Mastering Exposure with Cliff Mautner

How many times have you found yourself in a difficult situation, unsure of exactly how to create a proper exposure?  (How do you learn the skills of mastering exposure, anyhow?) Perhaps it was a sunny day, and you were attempting to exposure for a wedding couple in bright sunlight.  Perhaps it was during a reception, and […]

The Art of Wedding Photojournalism

What is wedding photojournalism?  What, in this day and age, does it mean?  How do you combine the fly-on-the-wall nature of documentary photography with the need to deliver beautiful images to your clients?  How do you stay true to a hands-off style of shooting while still creating timeless wedding photography? Led by the incredible photojournalistic […]

Thrive Coaching with Mindy Sonshine

Some words from our amazing host, Mindy Sonshine: “What if you could find the clarity you need to make good decisions that serve both your peace of mind and your bottom line? I’ve spent years studying the human experience and discovered where peak performance, creativity, and business success REALLY comes from. Your creativity doesn’t stop […]

The Ultimate Táve Setup Guide

Setting up studio management software can be a daunting task.  What if you have years invested in another system?  What if you’re new, and don’t have much data to input?  What if you’ve been in business for awhile, tracking everything with a rickety system of spreadsheets and notes?  What if you prefer to jam receipts […]

Night Portraits With Video Light

As wedding photographers, we often find ourselves needing to create portraits in tricky locations, in difficult weather, and in all kinds of lighting conditions.  What do you do when you need to create compelling portraits at an engagement session or wedding…but it’s nighttime?  Creating your night portraits with video light can be a great way […]