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The Wedding Day Worksheet

One of the key tools in Susan’s arsenal is the wedding day worksheet. This checklist of information is essential to a smooth wedding day experience for both client and photographer. In this course, Susan explains the questions she asks clients in the lead up to the wedding day. She also details how her clients’ answers form the basis of a wedding day checklist that gives her an easy reference for everything from portrait lists to how to navigate potentially sticky family dynamics.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • How to create a questionnaire that gets you the details and info you need
  • Susan’s process for creating and sending the questionnaire, and following up with her clients to answer questions
  • How to use the worksheet to spark important discussions with clients about logistics, expectations, location requirements and other important considerations
  • How to set up and share the checklist with second photographers and assistants so your team is on the same page and can update the checklists in real time

“It is a written document that gives me all of the details—if I never talk to my clients again—that I would need to get through a wedding day.”



Susan Stripling