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Inquiry Response Emails

Do you struggle with how to respond to client inquiries?  Should you email them?  Call them?  Text them?  What do you even say in your emails, anyhow? What about if they ghost you?  How do you guarantee that they’ll email you back?

My inquiry response workflow has evolved many times over the past eighteen years to what it is today : a tightly efficient machine that gives great customer service, has a personal touch, and works extraordinarily well to convert contact form submissions into potential client conversations.

This class covers:

  • How to track your inquiries – and why it’s important!
    How many emails to send to potential clients and why.
    What to say in your inquiry response emails.
    What to do when an inquiry ghosts you or stops responding.
    How often to respond, and how far apart those responses should be.
    How to respond to generic “what are your prices” inquiries.
    …and more.

After this class you should have the confidence to revamp your emails, track your inquiries, and start adding your own voice to your marketing efforts!



Susan Stripling