70 Testimonials

“I can't even begin to tell you the amount in which I've learned from Susan. Her way of straight forward, no nonsense teaching gives new insight to how a successful entrepreneur runs a wedding photography business. Not only does she inspire me to work harder behind the camera, but in front of the computer as well, doing the not so glamorous aspects of running a business. I can't wait to follow along side of her for many years to come.”

— Jeb McConnell, Ursus Media Photography

Rochester, NY

“Susan's course revolutionized my business. She is unique from most education in the photography world in that she tells you how things are and is bold and confidant in the way she runs her business. She puts her clients first and from that teaches the things that work. She taught in a way that opened my eyes to ways to shoot better as well as run a business more efficiently. But more than that the information she presents makes it easy to take it and make it your own so that your business isn't a cookie cutter of everyone else's but what you want to do and how you want to do it. She shows you how to take your style and vision and make it successful in the wedding photography world.”

— Carri Edmiston

Blacksburg, VA

“Susan is such a wonderful resource for any photographer attempting to learn more about the craft. Her openness about her techniques and her practical advice has been invaluable to me as I continue to grow my business.”

— Dena

Pittsburgh, PA

“Susan is a wonderful teacher who likes to keep it simple. She is very honest in her workshops. Looking forward to continue learning from Susan.”

— Adrian R Photography

Mumbai, India

“Not only is Susan highly gifted as a photographer but she has mad skills as a teacher as well. She's thorough, organized, caring and infuses her sharp wit through out. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by taking any of her classes.”

— Annie O’Neill Photography

Pittsburgh, PA

“I'm a former fashion photographer (NYC/Paris) who relocated to southern California and am implementing a wedding/event and portrait studio currently. Susan's courses from the purely business standpoint alone are instrumental for any photographer really in any discipline, weddings, portraits, boudoir, commercial etc. looking to build, improve or expand their business. Further, her written series are incredibly instructive. I have the Compendium where she gives not only technical expertise but also lends you creative and composition ideas. I'd say it's probably the best book I've purchased on any discipline of photography - bar none.”

— Ronen Shanke Visuals

Southern California

“I love the awesome managerial role she has taught! She makes her own schedule with pricing she deserves and makes no apology for it! It was eye opening that we truly are in charge of our businesses.”

— Perla Aguilera, Mountain Star Photography

El Paso, TX

“I've been following Susan Stripling for a few years now. Her photography is stunning and I love the way she documents a wedding day. Her teaching style is straightforward and honest and she really gives you the tools and techniques you need in order to be successful. Susan is one of my favorite instructors and without her teaching, I'm sure I would not be where I am today. ”

— Leandra Brown

New York

“Susan has a knack for answering top-of-mind questions-especially with regard to photo business start-up/customer relations. From listening to her insightful presentations and from accessing her blogs/business resources, one can tell she has experienced the client demands that sometimes leave us in a pickle. Susan is a valuable problem solver!”

— John

Rhode Island

“Susan Stripling's courses have an amazing and clear instruction that will help you to become a better business person as well as a better wedding photographer. She's real and to the point. Anyone who watches her photography courses will become better. No exception.”

— Amanda Stolarski, Sage House Studio

Washington, DC

“Susan Stripling's approach is what I've been searching years for. She's honest and upfront with her approach to education. Too many educators today make it sound like you push the shutter and rainbows appear, which is B.S. Wedding photography is hard work and the only way to get better is to put more hard work in to it. And, Susan is the first person to admit this. Susan's classes and books have had an important impact on the way I approach photography and business.”

— Kevin Graham, DSWfoto

Orlando, FL

“Susan's courses awakened something in my photography. Prior to watching her videos, I was doing my own thing, not focusing on my photographic education, but rather just pushing through and trying to make it work. Watching her videos was like a light bulb going off. I learned so much watching her demonstrations and reading her guides. She's clear, easy to follow, and has a wealth of knowledge. And above all, she's taught me to invest in my continuing education as a photographer, because it's worth it.”

— M. Davidson-Schapiro Photography

Boston, MA

“Susan is amazing at sharing her vast knowledge of photographing weddings down to the finite details. She breaks everything down and shows you all of the behind the scene set ups to understand exactly how the setting she is using works in the situation. Susan makes you feel like you are on top of the world after one of her courses! ”

— Danielle Konopinski, MoSissa Photography, LLC.

Bloomingdale, NJ

“Susan really motivates me to be unabashedly unashamed to be myself. Her course discussed her branding and her logo, and her discussion of her serpentine SS logo has always stuck with me; a bit of a 'bad girl' combined with the elegance of her photography. I think of this all the time when I'm tempted to conform to what other photographers do.”

— Tulip & Thistle Photography

Detroit, MI

“Susan is not only a fabulous photographer, but an amazing teacher. You can tell she puts her entire heart into both her photography and teaching. Everything is spelled out clearly, and she is an open book about how she works. I highly recommend her! ”

— Crissy Everhart Photography

Philadelphia, PA

“I saw Susan on Creative live, back in 2012, for her kickstart Wedding Photography course. I was so impressed with how organized she was, how she crossed every t and dotted every i, how she presented everything in an organized fashion--something I really struggle with. And she covered everything, not just the shooting, but the business side. She is also morally a straight arrow about running her business, and I love that about her. She when she announced the startup of The Wedding School, I jumped in the moment it was possible. She is amazing, the library is extensive, she cares about the material she presents, and she is a great teacher. There's no reason to think about it. Just do it.”

— Arnel Gonce Photography

Charlottesville, VA

“Even after shooting in the region of 600 weddings I'm always looking for ways to progress and Susan’s class helped me to think through what I'm doing and stop being so formulaic. When you've been a wedding photographer for a long time its easy to form a pattern then get stuck in a plateau. Susan helped me to refresh my way of working and helped the panic element I get when i'm stuck for inspiration, I will be watching out for more!”

— Anna Rowland, Luna Weddings

Devon, UK

“When it was first announced - The Wedding School sign up was a no brainer - Susan has really outdone herself along with the many creators and developers as well as the professionals that are part of all the educational efforts - The Wedding School is offered to all different levels, from the newcomer to the seasoned photographers who are in the wedding industry. All the information given is honest and broken down in formats that are understandable and executable - Becoming aware, and following up on these educational tools is essential to grow your business, better your craft and service your couples - A true investment - No matter your level of expertise... Worth every penny.”

— Allie Miller Weddings

Morehead City, NC

“When I first got the email about the Wedding School I knew I had to dive in since I had LOVED Susan's work and had listened to her before on other educational sources and had learned a ton. What she has done with The Wedding School was more then I have ever imagined. The Live Summits, the private facebook group, the weekly q and a videos all make for the most amazing and fun learning experience. This is all while she is still running her own wedding photography buisness! So many people teach without running their own business anymore which in my eyes makes it hard for me to trust them since they are not in the current marketplace. This is not the case with Susan! Thanks so much for creating the wedding school!”

— Carol DeAnda

Lake In the Hills, IL

“Susan is the reason I started using off camera flash. After watching her videos, I had the knowledge and tools to implement better flash lighting for my next wedding. As an educator, she explains concepts with simplicity, and yet demonstrates the mastery that can be obtained with practice.”

— Audria

Tucson, AZ

“Susan is the real deal. Despite a heavy teaching and speaking workload, she still photographs numerous weddings a year - more than anyone I know! She doesn't just teach it - she still goes out and does it. Susan's materials give concrete advice. I'm a very concrete/practical learner - I want solutions and tricks of the trade when I pay for education. One thing that sets Susan's skill set and strategy apart from others is the emphasis on the photographic work and the results, not crafting an image or making your personality your brand. It's a different and unique approach that not many other educational leaders are taking and one that I appreciate. She teaches you to focus on your skills and images. Susan also is refreshing in that her teaching is about providing quality to the client the best you can. It isn't about shortcuts or speed or batch processing, but truly doing the best you can always. She's the most realistic wedding photographer out there and doesn't sugarcoat anything - practical solutions and strategies.”

— Kristen Wynn Photography

Pittsburgh, PA

“Susan is amazing at her craft, extremely down to earth and knowledgeable. These things don't automatically make a good teacher, but she is one. Her frankness and experience along with her talent make her the best voice I hear in the sea of photography educators.”

— Forever Day Photos

Houston, TX

“The Wedding School has been a huge resource for me the past few years. Both professionally and artistically it has brought me to a whole new level. Susan is a dedicated professional who is an amazing teacher, artist, business woman and entrepreneur. I have learned so much from her and all the other photographers who contribute to her abundance of materials and classes. It has been a game changer for me both artistically and as a business owner. I am so grateful that one day I stumbled across something called "The Wedding School" because it has been an invaluable tool in my tool box or camera bag. Tom Brady said it best, "Earn it Every Single Day". The Wedding School and Susan Stripling help me Earn it Every Single Day. Thank you! - Debbie Segreve Photography, LLC”

— Debbie Segreve Photography, LLC

Boston, Massachusetts

“I absolutely love being part of the wedding school. My skills in every aspect of wedding photography has grown in leaps and bounds. From client service & camera technique to photo processing. The Facebook page is a wealth of information and I look forward to the weekly Q&As where Susan answers our questions. I've admired Susan's work for a while so it's an honour to be able to learn from her.”

— Leisl Payton


“Susan is about as transparent as they come. There are moments where I cringe at the personal information she shares which is immediately followed by a comforting realization that she truly does want to help you improve your life and business... by fully welcoming you into hers.”

— Matthew DeJesus

Norfolk, VA

“Get ready for in-depth learning — from marketing and running your business, to location lighting and creative skills, to people skills and planning — Susan Stripling is the complete package. Both as a wedding photographer and seasoned instructor. Straightforward, savvy, and with a wonderfully wry sense of humor, her educational classes and materials are pure value added. Amazing. Look for your best year ever.”

— Frances Gaul Photography

Seattle, WA

“There's certainly no shortage of photography instructors out there promising the world if you follow their shortcuts on how to fake-it-till-you-make-it. Fortunately, Susan isn't on that list. What separates Susan's educational programs is that she isn't there to tell you stories of rainbows and unicorns but instead to provide you with the direction to confidently run your business and to grow as a photographer. She is a refreshing voice in a noisy industry. ”

— Jeff Allen Studios

Raleigh, NC

“Susan stripling has been undoubtedly the most inspiring photographer to me. She doesn't hold back in sharing her ideas that she has taken years to master. I am truly grateful to have learnt so much from her just by watching a few of her workshops. I look forward to learning so much more from Susan.”

— Taryn Rahl Photography

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

“Susan's creative approach and timeless style, combined with her ability to convey her teachings in a simple yet fun manner, really set her apart from the crowds of online courses. After watching a course on shooting wedding details, my ring images have improved more than I could have imagined, making them one of the highlights of the day.”

— Nick Menzies Photography

Toronto, Canada

“Susan completely turned my life around! Following her lead has made my work soar to great lengths, every time I go back and watch her videos I learn something new. She speaks in a really honest way that I could connect with.”

— Rhiannon Sarah Photography

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Susan's writings has become the text book of my professional life. Your videos and other resources get right to the meat of the tools and techniques of wedding photography without all the unnecessary fluff. I'm a better and more confident wedding professional because of your dedication to this industry. Thank you!”

— Karena Dixon

Easton, MD

“I truly believe that Susan has inspired me to be a better photographer and a more focused businesswoman, and since watching her videos my photography has turned a corner, after 15 years in the business!”

— Chanon deValois Photography

United Kingdom

“Susan is unlike any other instructor that I have learned from. Her teaching style is unique, and always down to earth. I have attended Susan's seminars, purchased her courses, and the books she has written. It gives me the confidence to go out and do my best every single time.”

— Brian Mount Photo

“Susan cuts through the fluff and inspirational quotes to cold hard reality: being successful is hard work, but she'll make it a little easier with solid advice for virtually any situation you'll run into as a wedding photographer. The key difference between her and others is she explains the WHY. Why use this lens, why say this thing, why that pose, etc, which I've found incredibly helpful. Knowing the 'why' means I can apply her advice to nearly any situation (although she has covered just about everything already). I've had many more 'aha' moments taking her classes than with any other instructor.”

— Jaclyn Schmitz Photography

Burlington, VT

“Susan was the very first person I bought a photography course from, and is probably the reason I keep pushing myself to be a better photographer. She is a master of her craft and a great adviser for business. I have taken several of her courses and her suggestions for shooting in less-than-desirable situations has helped me immensely in real-life situations (like an outside wedding in the desert at high noon!). Her post-production workflow has also helped me to adapt my business to a better model that allows me to shoot more. I trust her advice and am grateful she is willing to share her knowledge.”

— Casey Brodley

Los Angeles, CA

“Susan Stripling S.P.E.L.L.S it out. Her teaching is honest, high quality and easy to understand. Many of the techniques or practices I have watched from her classes, I immediately adopted. She just makes sense and has a high level eye and understanding of quality and service.”

— Melissia Millan Photography

Kennewick WA

“Susan's insight, knowledge and experience in the wedding industry has aided in me elevating my brand both on the business and creative perspective aspects. The tools and knowledge she shares with the community are priceless when put to use in your own business. I can honestly say my business would not be as successful as it is today, if I hadn't discovered this talented and giving woman. Thank you Susan for the education and support in the creative community.”

— Kathy Thomas Photography

Orlando, FL & NYC

“Susan Stripling's courses have given me the confidence and foundation needed to grow and build my own business. She teaches in a way that is straightforward, easy to understand, and is always willing to clarify. Her work is timeless and easily applicable to all creative styles. I always look forward to learning from her! Thank you Susan!”

— Elina Rose Photography

San Jose, CA

“After watching Susan Stripling, I re-thought my approach to wedding photography. My vision of what I wanted became more clear, my focus sharper. I picked up so many valuable tips--I consider her my guru on a mountain top. I had been stuck in a rut for years--not even aware that I was. But after watching Susan online and keeping up with her on social media put me face to face with my reality: as I had become complacent, I lost ground. I lost my edge and even my passion. Now? I'm on track to have the best season ever--and I am sincerely looking forward to it.”

— Heidi Hodges Photography

Sturgeon Bay WI

“I absolutely love Susan's no nonsense, no excuses approach to the wedding business. Her teaching instills clarity and confidence in a small business owner regardless of experience level - you will learn applicable skills that will make your business more manageable and more profitable.”

— Julia Zave Photography LLC

San Francisco, CA

“I love Susan's no-nonsense approach to the business side of wedding photography. Her answers are honest and insightful rather than just regurgitated fluff.”

— Michelle Dean Photography

Perth, Australia

“Having studied just about anything that was on YouTube for Susan and Cliff, the Wedding School was a perfect fit. I have been on board since day one for registration. I have learned so much and continue to study as much as I can. Susan and Cliff have kept me company during my chemo treatments and when I was in the hospital for surgery so the timing of joining the wedding school was perfect. Thank you both so much for all you do. I look forward to the many more lessons that are coming.”

— Frank Donnino Photography

Boynton Beach, Florida

“Susan's wedding photography education is by far the best I have come across from local workshops to online classes. One of the best parts is she gives you a honest and realistic approach. Listening to her teach is motivational, inspiring and pure brilliance.”

— Taelor

Edmonton, Canada

“Attending Susan's workshop earlier in my career has been an anchor to the successful wedding photography business I run today. While I learned a lot of practical shooting details, I'd say I'm completely indebted to her for the business acumen she shares with her students. Learning how to run a smart, profitable business is essential for any entrepreneur, because none of us launched these businesses so we could work long hours for a low hourly rate. I can honestly say that when I consider a big business expenditure, even all these years later, I can hear Susan saying, "Do I really need that?" Then I check my books and decide based on facts and numbers, not the desire for the newest, fastest thing. Thank you, Susan! ”

— Anna Sawin Photography

Stonington, CT

“Susan makes it simple and to the point. There is a no fuss quality about the way she teaches. I can take what I have learned and apply it to a real life situation with successful end result.”

— Mariela Ryan Photography

Chicago, IL

“I love learning from Susan. She is incredibly honest, open, and easy to warm to. I find that her no-sugarcoating reality checks work brilliantly with her inspiring creativity. Susan's message is a consistent reminder that effort can make the biggest difference when launching and running a successful business. Her books are beautifully crafted and go perfectly with her online workshops and mentoring. She's simply awesome!”

— Gemma Chase Photography

London, UK

“Susan's mentorship program was paramount to running a business. Every year I update my spreadsheets to determine how many weddings I need to do in order to reach my goal financially. Thank you Susan!”

— Carissa Cross, Capture The Moment Photography

Rockhampton Queensland Australia

“Susan's courses helped me in so many ways - confidence, motivation, and knowledge. I finally felt ready to just go after it. Since then, I look to Susan's resources and information again and again to keep it rolling and knowing I'm getting the best guidance available. Thank you, Susan for being so giving and open to help others!”

— Fayth Photography

Miami, FL

“My husband and I watched Susan's videos. We loved the course as she is covering all the essentials from gear to workflow to work-life balance. After hearing a lot of 'follow your passion and quit your day job or you will never make it' it was great to hear a hard working creative businesswoman telling me to take my time, think stuff through and make spreadsheets. We loved how she keeps it real! The course was detailed in every aspect and you gave us honest, sensible advice.”

— Fardo Dopstra Fotografie

Groningen, The Netherlands

“Susan offers the most comprehensive education for wedding photographers available today. Her classes cover everything including pricing, outsourcing, lighting, client care, details, equipment - even a video of her working a real wedding. From beginning to end, it's full of practical advice and tips - so much so that even a seasoned pro can learn something new.”

— Danielle Richards Photography LLC

Teaneck, NJ

“Susan's gifts are twofold: a unique and talented photographer, and an exceptional teacher. Her classes have really helped me grow creatively and technically, and I thank her so much for that! Whenever I see that she is offering something new, I know it's going to be pure gold. Looking forward to her next big thing!”

— Stephanie Anestis Photography

Hamden, CT

“I've studied hundreds of different wedding photographers over the years. The methods I come back to over and over again are those practiced and taught by Susan Stripling. Her methods rely on simplicity, her results are stunning and I have her voice in my head during every wedding I shoot.”

— Andrea Javarauckas, Winterwood Photography

Windsor, CT

“Susan Stripling has molded who I am as a photographer through her incredible knowledge of photography. She is what I dream of being when it comes to her flow, aspiration and drive as a wedding photographer. I don't think anyone in the world compares to her skill set and ability of educating growing photographers and their businesses. I'm so thankful to be able to consume her unsurpassable ability to make you feel as if you can conquer the world of wedding photography one step at a time. ”

— Grace Elisabeth Photography

Orlando, FL

“Simply fantastic. All you need to know about wedding photography.”

— Jo Charles

London, UK

“I love Susan's approach, she is honest and vulnerable when she teaches. She shares openly about her mistakes and her successes with real-life examples. She breaks it down so that everyone can understand her message. I have learned so much from Susan's books & workshops and I would recommend her classes to anyone looking to improve their photography skills.”

— Denise Gonsales

Savannah, GA

“Being an FSU grad, Susan's style has inspired me since my Tallahassee days in the darkroom. The way she teaches timeless, classic theory and technique keeps me always wanting to better my skill. To be a great wedding photographer, I want to continue learning how to capture that fleeting moment without second guessing my settings. The camera is just a tool of the creative mind.”

— Livingston Galleries

Tampa Bay, FL

“Susan Stripling has been an incredible resource for my wedding photography business. I was a member of Susan's mentor group in 2014. Her advice for improvement while in this program was the kick I needed to up my game. I have since improved my shooting style and have doubled the amount of weddings I started out with the previous year. She has been a wonderful resource for reviews on gear and shooting advice. The online community she has built has been supportive and serves as a great sounding board for when business questions come up.”

— Elizabeth Snyder Photography, LLC

Niagara Falls, NY

“Susan's videos were the single most important investment in my photography career. Her skills knowledge and passion for education are inspiring. I would not have been able to start a successful wedding business without it and as I continue to grow I am still referring to the videos for support.”

— Elaine Barker Photography

Dublin, Ireland

“I have been a photographer for over 20 years. I never miss an opportunity to learn from Susan. Whether it be on line or in person. Her images speak for themselves, but it's also her personality and straightforward approach to teaching. Every time I hear her speak I pick up something to help my business.”

— Jeff Tisman Photography

Princeton, NJ

“Susan Stripling has changed my life as a photographer. By taking her courses, I have learned literally everything I need to be successful, both photographically and as an entrepreneur. What makes her different from other educators is how real she is, how easy to follow she is, and above all, how entertaining she is to listen to. Out of all the educators I have used to further my business, Susan Stripling has easily been the most effective and influential.”

— Bonnie Wireback Photography

Gloucester Township, NJ

“It is refreshing to hear from someone as world-renowned as Susan being honest and clear about the struggles of wedding photography and how to make decisions to over come them. Never is it all "puppy dog hugs and unicorn rainbows" and Susan explains turning these challenges into opportunities.”

— Dustin Finn


“The Wedding School is the most all-encompassing, honest, and well rounded wedding photography education out there. It has completely changed the way I approach my business, build relationships with my clients, and see the wedding day. It is the perfect balance of honesty, humor, and showing a true love for weddings. Susan has inspired me, not only through her work, but through her dedication to increasing the quality and level of wedding photography as a whole. She is truly transparent, and does not hold anything back (good, bad, or ugly). It is so refreshing to be a part of it.”

— Jacqueline Connor Photography

Buffalo, NY

“Susan is an amazing educator. She is a vibrant and engaging speaker who tells you the truth about the business. She is a working wedding photographer so her experience is continual. She is able to help educate other photographers on current issues not those for 10 years ago. I love how open she is about her business and willing she is to share what she knows. Most importantly she is an amazing speaker. She knows how to engage with her audience while she teaches. I would listen to Susan teach about paint drying!! ”

— Heather Nordell

Manti, UT

“I have finished Susan's videos. I now see in a different way on a wedding day. I notice more things. It helped me out so much in my business I can't even express how much. It was a wonderful course. I like Susan because she shoots by herself as do I, so it was comforting to take a course from someone with no second shooters.”

— Kerry Holt Photography

Thorburn, Nova Scotia

“I've been following Susan Stripling for a while now. Her photography and educational videos are amazing and have completely changed the way I shoot; so much so I've set up a brand new business completely transforming everything, I now have higher paying clients, more exciting weddings (in better venues!) and even the more challenging weddings are made more fun; Susan has taught me how to make the most of every situation and still create stunning images when I'm not given much to work with. I honestly have no idea where I would be if I hadn't discovered her work! Still charging £300 shoot-n-burn maybe? Competing by price not by talent? I value my work more now, my clients value my work more too! I see light so much more clearly now. I've always been creative but now I can actually use that creativity and make art. I have fallen in love with photography even more now, I'm proud to call myself a photographer! Thank you Susan!!!!”

— Laura Rachel Photography

Milton Keynes, England

“The first time I saw Susan teaching was a huge turning point in my career. I have seen courses by others in the industry, but Susan has been the one that keeps me coming back for more. Not only a hugely talented photographer, she is also a meticulous business woman. Watch, learn, and get your credit card ready, because you'll want to hold onto this information.”

— Carla J Evans Photography

Toronto, ON Canada

“From the very first Summit I was hooked. I learned and reinforced so much that I binged watched every day of the summit and by the end of each day all I wanted was more. Susan's simple and yet extremely powerful teaching will help skilled and amateurs alike. I look forward to the next summits and if you are on the fence if the investment is worth it or not, take a step back and think about how your clients feel the same way. We can further ourselves through professional development and the passion the be the best we can be. Susan is a real life person - just like you! I'll continue to be apart of the wedding school for a long time to come!”

— Torres Fine Art

Tulsa, Ok

“It's rare for a speaker/teacher to have both the excitement, emotion, and inspiration component that makes you excited for your next wedding along with such specific detailed instructions that allow you to fully understand how a shot was created and how to replicate a look. I've been a photographer for a little over ten years, attending workshops and conferences and Susan is by far THE BEST.”

— Lindsey Mahaffey, Sposa Bella Photography

Greenville, SC

“The Wedding School is by far the best investment I've made into my photography career. Since joining The Wedding School, my work has improved drastically, I'm more confident with my clients, and I've been able to double my prices while booking more than twice as many weddings. The advice in the Q&A videos is worth the investment alone. I can't wait to see what I learn in my second year!”

— Daylight Fading Photography


“Susan Stripling found me at a time when I desperately needed direction. I quickly noticed that her style took the images I saw in my mind, the images I was desperate to create and made them a reality. As a result of her instruction I've been able to apply the principles I have learned to turn a creative idea into photographic reality. I've seen light in new ways and now notice good light (and bad light) wherever I go. Her principles for shooting have taught me not to rely on a camera's meter, but on my instinct.”

— L. Michelle Images

Fayetteville, AR