Reception Lighting : Using Multiple Off-Camera Flashes

When it comes to off-camera flash, the thought alone can be daunting – how do you start?  What modifiers do you use?  What if it’s sunny?  Is off-camera flash meant for portraits?  When do you use it?  When do you not use it? Now multiply that, go inside, and light a reception room.  Terrifying, right?  If […]

Transitioning Your Photography Business to a New Market

Transitioning Your Photography Business to a New Market

It’s hard enough to start a photography business and have it succeed, it’s even harder a prospect to move that business to a new city, state, or country!  On March 20th, 2018 at 2:00pm EST we will be having a live class with the extraordinary Jenna Leigh Lucia on Transitioning Your Photography Business to a New Market. Jenna […]

Creating an Associate Photography Program

We are SO excited that the live class for February 6, 2018 was about creating an associate photography program! How to Build and Manage an Associate Program This excellent course from Aislinn Kate Photography answered all of the questions that photographers in our Facebook group have been asking for years! This class focused on four major […]

Get a FREE copy of Susan Stripling’s Wedding Day Worksheet!

wedding day worksheet

One of the most valuable tools that I have created for my business is my Wedding Day Worksheet document.  It helps me stay organized, get to know my clients and their day, plan a timeline, and so, so much more. Get it now by joining our mailing list! What is included in this worksheet and why […]

Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets

I never thought that I’d create wedding photography Lightroom presets. For a very long time, I thought that wedding photography Lightroom presets were a crutch to lean on when your images weren’t correct out of camera.  I’m a huge believer in getting the image right at the time of capture, making sure that your lighting, […]

Creating Albums That Sell

As a wedding photographer, creating albums that sell is crucial to my success.  It’s also hugely important to me, as I believe that weddings albums truly are heirloom products that will be treasured by my clients for generations to come. Despite the importance of creating and selling wedding albums, many wedding photographers don’t know where […]

Wedding Photography Posing Workshop

September 13, 2017 Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa Palm Springs, California CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! One of the most common questions we get in The Wedding School is “Can we learn from you in person?”  Until now, we have only had two in-person, hands-on events. We realize the extraordinary learning potential in live, face-to-face […]

Get Published with Two Bright Lights

When talking to wedding photographers about marketing, one of the big questions is always “How do I get my work published?”  Whether you’re looking to get your images posted on a blog, featured in a magazine, or shared on a popular social media account, there are so many questions to be answered before you get […]

New LIVE wedding photography education page!

I am so excited to announce our latest update : the Wedding School LIVE page!  It will be even easier for us to bring you LIVE wedding photography education via this incredible resource. After a six week series on profitability that was broadcast exclusively to our Wedding School : Member’s Only Facebook page, we are […]

In-Person Workshop : The Wedding Couple

June 20, 2017, Brooklyn, New York One of the most common questions we get in The Wedding School is “Can we learn from you in person?”  Until now, we have only had one in-person, hands-on event.    We realize the extraordinary learning potential in a live, face-to-face wedding photography workshop, and are thrilled to bring this Wedding Couple Workshop […]

Six Weeks to Profitability

wedding photographer pricing

I have yet to meet a wedding photographer who isn’t wondering how he or she could increase their profit.  No matter how established the studio, how high the starting price, or how intelligent the photographer, we all constantly try to figure out how to be more profitable businesses. A solid road map to increasing your […]

Wedding Photography Image Critique : LIVE! : Month One!

wedding photography image critique

We are SO excited to bring you our first LIVE wedding photography image critique!  This first of twelve monthly critiques will focus exclusively on WEDDING DETAILS.  The critique will be led by myself, Susan Stripling, and I am so thrilled to be bringing this to you on March 23, 2017! One of the best things I […]

Join our wedding photography Facebook group!

Are you looking for a great wedding photography Facebook group?  If so, you should come join our Wedding School Facebook group for members, prospective members, and wedding photography enthusiasts.  While we do have a private Facebook group for members of The Wedding School only, this group is open to everyone – and we’d love to […]