Six Weeks to Profitability

I have yet to meet a wedding photographer who isn’t wondering how he or she could increase their profit.  No matter how established the studio, how high the starting price, or how intelligent the photographer, we all constantly try to figure out how to be more profitable businesses.

A solid road map to increasing your profit

With this in mind, I have created a six week course to help you immediately start down that road to increased profitability.  It is my goal to give you solid, concrete action items that you can implement in your business immediately.  Over the next six weeks we will cover:

  • Becoming more profitable by getting a handle on your fixed business costs and budget
  • Streamlining your marketing workflow to minimize your time spend and maximize your results
  • Easy video creation for compelling marketing content
  • Structuring your wedding pricing and ways to increase profit with your existing clients that actually work
  • ….and more!

What does this course entail?

Once a week for six weeks I’ll be coming to you first via Facebook live.  I love this format for delivering these lessons, as it will allow a direct line straight to me in real time.  One thing that is super crucial to me is the ability for Wedding School members to ask me questions and get feedback, and Facebook live allows us to do just that!

After each Facebook live lesson, the video will be uploaded to our Learning Library.  This means that you will be able to re-visit each lesson as often as you’d like, watching on-demand whenever you’d like to experience it again.

Many of the lessons will include the download of an Excel/Numbers/PDF document to help you out.  We have profit calculators, budget spreadsheets, marketing calendars, and more helpful templates exclusive to members of The Wedding School.

I’m ready!  How do I join you?

Step one would be to join our Facebook group!  This group is free to members and non-members of The Wedding School, and is a great place to get updated news and information about what’s coming up next!

Step two would be to join The Wedding School as a member.  You can sign up for a year of membership right here!  Members will then have access to a members-only Facebook group where you will be able to watch the live broadcast of each week’s lesson.  After that, you’ll have access to the Learning Library where you can re-watch the lessons whenever you need a refresher!

See you on April 6 – and for five weeks after that!

This six week course kicks off on April 6th at 3pm EST.  I cannot wait to see you there!



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