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Learning Library Business & Finance, Wedding Skills

1:24:12 Duration

Wedding Day Problems

Today we’re going to talk about a bunch of things that no wedding photographer ever wants to talk about: Wedding Day Problems. These are the terrible things that happen to you, both in and out of your control on the wedding day.


  1. Susan,you’ve mentioned,that your contract is void,if client’s payments are late. How many days you give them before cancelling the contract? Thanks!

  2. Regarding vendor meals, if it’s a buffet, we jump in when we have downtime, and if it’s plated service, we go to the kitchen and ask for extras. haha. It works and we never have had anyone say anything. Usually the couple and their families ask us, “Did you get to eat?!” 🙂

  3. I just want to say that I love the photo thumbnail for this section. I make the same expression as that cherub at least once at every wedding. 😉


Susan Stripling