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Learning Library Photo Skills

1:25:37 Duration

Reception Lighting Using Multiple Off Camera Flashes

When it comes to off-camera flash, the thought can be daunting – but what if you want to use more than one?  Terrifying.  If you want to create reception lighting using multiple off-camera flashes, where do you even start?  How many flashes do you need?  What kind?  What power do you set them on?  Where do you put them?  How do use use them? What if you’re at a reception and the room is a weird shape?  What if?  How?  Don’t worry, Emily Pogozelski is here to help!

In this incredible course, Emily will demystify the multi-light reception setup, help you learn the who/what/where/when and why of her system, and get you set up with ease.  Fear no more, this course will be the only thing you need to get started with your very own multi-light system with ease!