Business and Finance Handbook

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Business Finance Handbook (PDF)


This wedding photography Business and Finance Handbook will help aspiring and working wedding photographers to improve their business and finances immediately!  Written by acclaimed wedding photographer Susan Stripling, this in-depth book includes:


  • Naming Your Business
  • Working from Home
  • Business Structure
  • How To Find Your Accountant Or Lawyer
  • Collecting Sales Tax
  • The Importance of Insurance


  • Preparing Your Financials
  • How Are You Funded?
  • Bank Accounts and Paying Yourself


  • Pricing and Profitability
  • Creating Your Collections
  • I Can’t Charge What I Need To Become Profitable. What Now?
  • How Do You Know When To Raise Your Rates?
  • Making Money In the Off Season


  • Preparing Client Documents/The Wedding Contract
  • The Workflow E-mails
  • Wedding Information Worksheet
  • How Do I Keep Track of Everything?

Managing the business side and financial side of a wedding photography business can be extremely overwhelming.  How do you know what to do?  How do you stay organized?  Luckily, Susan Stripling absolutely loves this part of running her own wedding photography business, and is here to help you love it as well!

Chock full of helpful tips, tricks, and in-depth advice, this wedding photography Business and Finance Handbook will revolutionize how you do business.  It will help you become organized, keep your finances streamlined, and help you run your business in the most efficient way possible.  From contracts to invoices, staying profitable to creating a price list, this book has it all.

Not sure how to price yourself?  This book has it covered.  Not sure how to send a contract to a new client?  This wedding photography Business and Finance Handbook will get you set up.  No more will you be wondering how to run an efficient, profitable business!  Created for established professionals and new photographers alike, Susan Stripling has created the best wedding photography Business and Finance Handbook for you!



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