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Learning Library Photo Skills

17:53 Duration

Lighting with the Profoto B1

When I first became a wedding photographer, lighting with the Profoto B1 was not something I’d ever considered trying.  I found studio strobes incredibly intimidating, thinking that they must be difficult to set up, manage, and use.  Where would I put them?  How far from my subject should the light be?  How do I figure out what power level I need?  And how do I trigger the lights to begin with?

Completely unnerved, I set about finding other ways to light family formals, bridal party images, and big groupings on the wedding day.

I started shooting these groupings outside in the shade, utilizing simple natural light as much as possible.  Over time, I found myself at weddings where outside in the shade wasn’t always possible.  What about inside churches?  Dark winter weddings?  Reception halls where you have to shoot as fast as you can, unable to go outside?  I knew it was time to learn flash.

My next step was to master off-camera flash for family and bridal party photos.  This was a system that worked fantastically for me for over a decade, and still works wonderfully.  But what happens when one off-camera flash isn’t enough power and you need more?

It was finally time to learn lighting with the Profoto B1.  I am so glad that I did.  Now I am equipped with all the skills that I need to take wedding day family, bridal party, and large group photos.

In this video about lighting with the Profoto B1, I start at the very beginning.  I will explain the Profoto B1 setup, including:

  • How to attach the Profoto B1 to a light stand, and what type of stand you’ll need
  • How to attach an umbrella to the B1
  • How to trigger the B1 with a Profoto Air Remote

lighting with the Profoto B1

From here we go on location to shoot a group of four people, much like you’d find yourself doing on a wedding day.  We work in a dark, difficult location to illuminate the subjects in a group portrait.
lighting with the Profoto B1 for wedding photographers

You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to properly expose a photo with the Profoto B1.  This part of the video will include:

  • Camera settings : Shutter speed, ISO, and f-stop.
  • Positioning of strobe in relation to subject
  • How to achieve a proper exposure on your subjects

wedding photography lighting with the Profoto B1

After watching this video you too will be able to create properly exposed family and bridal party portraits with a Profoto B1!  If you have been intimidated by this year in the past, don’t be!  I promise you that it’s just as easy, if not easier, than natural light or off-camera flash!  You’ll see – just give it a try!

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  1. thank you… thank you…. thank you…. I just purchased the B1 a few weeks ago and felt intimidated to use them! I cannot wait to get back out there and see what I can do now!