Walk through an entire wedding with me!

The number one request I’ve had from wedding photographers over the years is “Can I come to a wedding with you?”  I’ve had photographers want to apply to be my assistant, to second shooter, and even to just shadow me throughout the day.  While I can completely understand what an invaluable learning experience that would […]

Shooting for Profit with WHCC

My favorite thing in the living room of my Brooklyn apartment is an enormous 40×50 print.  It’s of my daughters in Iceland, climbing a hill, hand in hand.  My youngest is helping my oldest find her foothold, and they look so tiny against the vast landscape. There are pictures all over our house.  From the […]

Weekly Q&A Preview

As an educator, it’s incredibly important to me that the content in The Wedding School be ongoing and current.  It’s also incredibly important to me that the members of The Wedding School have a place where they can ask me questions.  I love hearing the questions that come up each week in our members-only Facebook […]

My five favorite lessons from One Real Wedding

This past November we filmed an entire wedding day for members of The Wedding School.  We live-streamed the entire day on my Facebook business page, and then created a 13+ hour final cut for the Learning Library.  The entire day is an incredible resource for any photographer wanting to walk through a whole wedding from […]

Welcome to The Wedding School blog!

I am so very excited to welcome you to the Wedding School’s new blog!  As a longtime blogger for my own website, I used to run my own educational blog for wedding photographers.  When we launched The Wedding School in February of 2016, I missed the experience of blogging for photographers.  We are so happy […]