Weekly Q&A Preview

As an educator, it’s incredibly important to me that the content in The Wedding School be ongoing and current.  It’s also incredibly important to me that the members of The Wedding School have a place where they can ask me questions.  I love hearing the questions that come up each week in our members-only Facebook group!  It’s wonderful to watch Wedding School members help each other out, and it’s also important that I help answer these questions.  Since Facebook moves so fast, I wanted to have one easy place where you could go get your weekly questions answered by me.

For that reason, every week I do a Q&A video for the members of The Wedding School.  Questions I’ve been asked in the past include:

Some of these questions required answers so involved that I created entire courses for the Learning Library just to answer them!

I wanted to record a sample Q&A for you so that you could see what they were like.  If you’d like to have your questions answered on a weekly basis by yours truly, come join us in The Wedding School!  I’d love to help get those questions answered!


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