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Weekly Q&A’s — Spring 2016 Members

This page is for members of The Wedding School who enrolled April 2016. You have questions, Susan has answers. Each week Susan will be recording a special Q&A sessions to answer questions from the Facebook group or posted as comments in the individual course segments. This is where those Q&A videos live for this group.

Week 1 — April 25

Week 2 — May 2

Week 3 — May 9


  1. Thanks so much for answering my question! I think when I watched that video on post production, I was confused as to how you do your ratings, but now it makes more sense. I totally agree that the images are client’s images first and foremost!

    Can’t wait till the next Q & A, hope Chloe gets to make an appearance!

  2. Hi Susan, I find it interesting that you have a blue wall behind your editing station. I assume you don’t have an issue with colour cast?

  3. Hi Susan. Not to get to techy but I have struggled with this with my d700 and you mentioned that you don’t use back button focus or (c) movement setting but prefer (S) stationary focus setting. On my d700 if I use (S) mode and the subject has any movement to it, then the camera won’t let me release she shutter as I have the focus lock on. If I remove the focus lock then my photos seem to be blurry. Hence the reason I switched to back button focus as I couldn’t keep switching from (S) to (C) mode throughout a wedding dependent on if the subject was moving or not and back button focus seemed to address both situations though I don’t really like to use it as it is not intuitive. Am I missing something or can you provide suggestions for your camera settings and technique when using (s) focus mode?

  4. I’m eager to learn and share with the wedding school community. I have been doing photography for a couple of years and I’m finally taking steps to start my own business as a wedding photographer. I’m overcoming my fears to failure and allowing myself to dream big.


Susan Stripling