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Top Legal Traps

Rachel Brenke will be a joining us for The Wedding School LIVE Event on April 19-21. Ask your questions about contracts, copyright, or second shooter agreements in the comments below and we will pass them along to Rachel during the upcoming event.


  1. Hi Rachel, Thanks for the informative video. I know a few people who are under the impression that an umbrella policy on their home covers the liability part of their insurance. I’ve recommended that they keep everything seperate and don’t rely on the home owners insurance for that purpose.
    I myself am an onion with layered protection as you mentioned. I have full liability insurance with Hill & Usher and my contract spells out most of the protection I require except for two that you mentioned which I will add on soon.
    I am also insured for error and omissions but would like you to clarify a bit with some examples when this would be most critical in this business.

    Thanks again,

  2. Say a situation arises where you and the client agree to modify the terms of the contract after it’s been signed due to unforeseen events. Is there a need to redraft a new contract and make amendments to the original to ensure everyone is covered on the up-to-date conditions?

  3. We often shoot in mildly rugged terrain. Though ALWAYS mindful of our clients’ safety & well being, would it be wise to include a Hold Harmless/Not Liable clause in our contract? Would this even stick if someone tripped or twisted an ankle on a shoot?

  4. How should the contract apply to parents, who are paying for the wedding, as opposed to the bride and groom, who are making the decisions? As Susan talks about, I want the contract to be exclusive to the bride & groom, since they’re my client, but I don’t want to run into an issue with retainers and payments made by a third party (parents, wedding planners) who aren’t included in the contract.

  5. If you get a great photo at a wedding reception, can I use it in my portfolio or blog? I’m not going to walk around a reception having every guest sign a model release.


Rachel Brenke