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Wedding Fundamentals Business & Finance

27:48 Duration

Pricing + Profitability


  1. Susan, I noticed as you went over the spreadsheet on costs that you looked at only the per package costs. Do you consider fixed costs/overhead costs, i.e., insurance, training, memberships, so on, and where in the process do you consider them? I would assume, though I could be incorrect, that you are not taking them out of your salary.

  2. Hi Susan When you say you’re including digital files in a package In what form you give them the file (CD….) and what kind (RAW ,jpeg…..) ? Thank you

  3. Hi Susan, you said something really true: It is hard if you stay between 2000 and 4.500$ per wedding. You have to come cup from 5.000 to 10.000$. I am just in this region. I have about 10 weddings between 2.000€ and 5.000€ each. And I am still on the upper part of it. How to come to more profitable area 5.000€+? Do you have any specific tips? Thank you.


Susan Stripling


Pricing + Profitability Keynote (PDF)

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