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Learning Library Photo Skills, Wedding Skills

43:42 Duration

Bridal Portraits

Photographing bridal portraits is a crucial part of any wedding day.  As a working wedding photographer, it is important that you learn how to create elegant, technically superb, and creative bridal portraits for all of your wedding clients.  This class by award-winning Brooklyn wedding photographer Susan Stripling will help you learn everything that you need to create spectacular wedding day bridal portraits for your clients.

photographing bridal portraits

You will finish the online course knowing everything there is to create a beautiful, flattering bridal portrait.  This class will include:

  • Lighting
  • Posing
  • Camera details
  • Camera settings
  • Shooting bridal portraits inside
  • Shooting bridal portraits outside
  • Troubleshooting and frequently asked questions

At the end of this class you will be able to go into any wedding day and handle photographing bridal portraits with style, ease, and technical precision.  You will no longer struggle to find good indoor light, or worry over shooting in harsh sun.  You will understand how to pose a bride in a natural, flattering manner.


  1. when shooting for the semi silouhette (like what was done indoor with the veil by the window tossing it etc,) what are you ‘metering’ for? I struggle with getting a decent shadow with out gettinig like blown out from window light, does that even make sense?

  2. Great class. There is just one improvement/whish I want to say: For the outdoor class it would be great to see you also directing the bride like indoor. Not just the results also the way. 😉 I really like those live shooting things. Please give us more of them. With different brides different situations. Thank you a lot!


Susan Stripling