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Marketing with Wedding Shows

One of the most requested courses on The Wedding School has been about marketing with wedding shows.  Since wedding shows (often called “bridal fairs” or “bridal shows” or “wedding expos”) are a huge part of many wedding photographers’ yearly marketing endeavors, how can you be sure that you’re approaching them correctly?

In this incredible course by DC-based wedding photographers Steve and Jane Pilkerton, you will have all of your questions about marketing with wedding shows answered!  This 90+ minute course includes:

  • How to know if marketing with wedding shows is right for you and your business
  • How to find the right wedding shows to exhibit at
  • How to prepare for your first wedding show
  • How to approach potential customers at the wedding show, how to talk to them, and how to begin a relationship that will hopefully end in them booking you to shoot their wedding!
  • How to follow up with potential customers after the wedding show has closed
  • Sample albums, what to bring, how many albums, what sizes, and what they should include
  • How to choose the images that you display in your booth – and why that matters!
  • Choosing signage for your booth, and how to display it
  • How to know if you succeeded or failed in your endeavors : spreadsheets and tracking data are your friends!
  • …and so, so much more

If you’ve ever wondered if marketing with wedding shows is right for you, or if you’re looking to take your wedding show displays up to the next level, this course is one you cannot miss!