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The Style Summit

The Wedding School Event • July 2016


TimeWednesday, Jul 20Thursday, Jul 21
9:00 am Defining Your Style Jacklyn Greenberg Same Sex Weddings Jacklyn Greenberg
10:00 am Shooting Indian Weddings Dina Douglas Marketing Indian Weddings Dina Douglas
11:00 am Glam the Dress Sue Bryce Better Engagement Sessions Rob Greer
12:00 pm Shooting Wedding Day Details Susan Stripling Bride and Groom Portraits Susan Stripling
1:00 pm Shooting Weddings with Film Caroline Tran Styling a Portrait and Wedding Brand Together Justine Ungaro
2:00 pm 17hats + Animoto Ryan Groves + Vanessa Joy Mirrorless Wedding Photography Paul Gero
3:00 pm How Style & Context Can Define Your Photography Joshua Dwain Curating Your Portfolio Susan Stripling
4:00 pm How do you find your style? Group Conversation Adding Portrait to your Wedding Business Group Conversation
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Susan Stripling

Sue Bryce

Jacklyn Greenberg

Rob Greer

Dina Douglass

Justine Ungaro

Paul Gero

Joshua Dwain

Caroline Tran