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Weekly Q&A’s — Inaugural Members

This page is for members of The Wedding School who enrolled during the inaugural 8-weeks in February 2016. You have questions, Susan has answers. Each week Susan will be recording a special Q&A sessions to answer questions from the Facebook group or posted as comments in the individual course segments. This is where those Q&A videos live for this inaugural group.

Week 1 — February 15

Week 2 — February 22

Week 3 — February 29

Week 4 — March 7

Week 5 — March 14

Week 6 — March 21

Week 7 — March 28

Week 8 — April 4

April 11

May 2

May 9


  1. Yes yes for the books! I asked you about this when I signed up for the weeding school, and say it again! they are so beautiful I would love to have them printed.

  2. I just opened one of the handbooks and saw it was 92 pages; it made me cringe thinking of printing it, and figuring out a way to keep it in good shape. So, yes! I’d love to be able to get printed books!

  3. Thanks so much for answering my question Susan! That makes me feel so much better about my buisness name and also giving me the permission I felt like I needed to make my decision, and maybe one day I will go a hybrid approach, but for now I am just going to own my buisness name and stop feeling bad about it!


Susan Stripling