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SEO Fundamentals

Editor’s note: This video was recorded in 2016. SEO best practices change frequently due to algorithm updates and other factors. While many basic principles and strategies still apply, we recommend keeping up with SEO blogs such as this one from Moz.


  1. I have already posted this comment (4th Dec) on Susan’s video about Client Meetings, but after watching this, I think it might be more relevant here. My question was:
    I read somewhere that a lot of people do their research/browsing (or whatever you want to call it), on their mobile phone. If this is indeed the case, how do you judge how much information to put on your site so people have a pretty good idea what they are going to get before they commit to a meeting?
    I’m thinking that 100 words or so on a computer screen, looks very different if viewed on the small screen of a mobile phone. I don’t want the mobile phone users to get word fatigue when viewing my site, but I want to convey enough information so prospective clients are as informed as they can be before they meet me?
    Any thoughts, please?
    Jo Wheeler


Rob Greer


SEO Fundamentals (PDF)

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