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Learning Library Sales & Marketing

54:30 Duration

Sales by Relationship Building

In this class from the WHCC Pricing for Profit summit, instructor Jacklyn Greenberg teaches sales by relationship building.  Many wedding photographer are educated thinking that “sales” is a dirty word, something to fear or be stressed out by.  Creatives worry that when they try to “sell” to their clients that they will harm the emotional relationship that they have build, and erode the trust the clients have placed in them.  Jacklyn Greenberg will teach you that “sales” are nothing to be afraid of, and that sales by relationship building is an incredible tool for a wedding photographer to master.

Jacklyn Greenberg teaches sales by relationship building from the mindset of a successful businessperson.  She understands that wedding photographers must be profitable, and we cannot let our emotions get in the way of building lucrative, self-sustaining wedding photography businesses.  Jacklyn understands the creative mind and how imperative it is that we build relationships with our clients.  In this course, Jacklyn will help you break free of preconceived notions about “sales” and start thinking about it for what it truly is : customer service, and creating a full start-to-finish relationship with your clients.

At this end of this incredibly valuable course, you will no longer be afraid of sales!  You will see the products that you sell to your clients as heirlooms, as an extension of the relationship you have built with them, and as extraordinary customer service.  Through her signature style of speaking, Jacklyn Greenberg makes the business side of photography feel personal.  The relationship that Jacklyn builds with her wedding photography clients from day one helps push her sales throughout the entire process.  By taking on many of her tips and suggestions, you will build a deeper, closer relationship with your own wedding photography clients.  This will help your sales by relationship building flourish!



Jacklyn Greenberg