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Learning Library Photo Skills, Wedding Skills

36:02 Duration

Reception: Dances and Toasts

One of the parts of the wedding day that tends to make most photographers nervous are the reception dances and toasts. Wedding receptions are fast-paced, sometimes stressful, and always fun – but how do you know how to approach them?  What lenses?  How do you light them?  Where do you even begin?

Wedding photographer Susan Stripling will walk you through the entire process of photographing reception dances and toasts.  She will help you learn how to light these scenarios with ease!

This tutorial will demystify the following:

  • How to manage a reception timeline
  • What camera settings you’ll need to work with on and off-camera flash
  • How shutter speed affects the exposure when working with flash
  • What f-stops to shoot a reception with
  • How ISO factors into exposing an image while using flash
  • How to set up an off-camera flash
  • When to use on and off-camera flash

Susan will walk you through a realistic first dance scenario, as well as the setup for toasts and blessings.  She will help you understand where to position your lights, how to create a proper exposure, and how to create images at every wedding that will thrill both you and your clients.

She will conclude the tutorial by answering many common questions and help you troubleshoot common problems that can come up during this part of the day.  After this video, you’ll have the confidence to tackle first dances, parent dances, toasts, and blessings with ease!


Susan Stripling