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51:50 Duration

Photographing Destination Weddings

As someone who made a living photographing destination weddings for nearly a decade, Susan Stripling made her living shooting weddings all over the US and beyond.  Over the years, Susan honed the art of destination weddings, and this extended video tutorial will bring all of that information to you!

Myth versus Reality

The first thing Susan will cover is the myth versus reality when it comes to photographing destination weddings.  Many photographers think that photographing destination weddings is a quick and easy way to see the world.  While yes, you can get to see amazing and incredible places, destination weddings are really a lot of work!

photographing destination weddings

Fourteen detailed segments on photographing destination weddings

This extraordinarily in-depth course will cover the following over fourteen incredibly detailed segments:
  • How to figure out your travel costs, as well as costs unique to photographing destination weddings
  • How to factor in the loss of income in your studio or business while gone photographing destination weddings
  • How to create packages with destination weddings in mind
  • Who handles airfare?  Flights?  Lodging?  How do you determine this, and how do you clearly communicate it to your clients?
  • How to make sure you’re photographing destination weddings legally in your chosen locations
  • Troubleshooting pre-wedding and traveling issues specific to photographing destination weddings
  • How to market to potential clients having destination weddings
photographing destination weddings by susan stripling
Photographing destination weddings can be a lucrative, enjoyable part of your wedding photography business.  They can also be huge headaches, and it’s easy to lose money while traveling if you don’t consider all costs.

Being profitable while photographing destination weddings

Susan will help you demystify the process of photographing destination weddings, and at the end of this course you’ll be ready to:
  • Create a profitable destination wedding price list
  • Pack and travel with ease
  • Understand common problems with photographing destination weddings and how to overcome them
  • Stay organized, efficient, and happy while traveling!

If you’ve ever wanted to start photographing destination weddings, this is the course for you!

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