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Learning Library Photo Skills

1:10:31 Duration

Achieving Proper Exposure

As a wedding photographer, achieving proper exposure is something that we have to do at every single event we shoot.  Achieving proper exposure means that we have to choose the right ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed to properly expose the images we are creating.  This ninety minute WPPI platform class by Susan Stripling will demystify achieving proper exposure.  You will learn all the tips, tricks, and tools necessary to create a proper exposure in any lighting conditions.  This video will cover:

  • Why achieving proper exposure matters
  • Actionable steps to begin understanding exposure
  • Whether to use spot or matrix metering
  • Whether to shoot in manual or aperture priority
  • Subject placement vs. light placement
  • Image composition for maximum effect

Susan Stripling will walk you through numerous real-world scenarios on a wedding day.  In each scenario she will:

  • Break down the metering mode used
  • Explain whether aperture priority or manual would be the best shooting method
  • Show lighting diagrams for every situation

From rim light to side light, back light to direct light, Susan will help you achieve a proper exposure in every situation.  You’ll learn how exposure compensation works in tandem with aperture priority to help you expose a tricky lighting scenario.  You’ll learn whether or not spot metering is superior to matrix metering.  With lighting diagrams to refer back to, Susan will demystify everything about exposure when shooting in difficult lighting situations.


1 Comment

  1. This was a fabulous explanation of exposing for dramatic light! I confess I’ve always been leery of it but now I want to go practice. Many thanks!