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Embracing Diversity

This class with Monique Melton focuses on diversity, inclusivity, and taking a long, hard look at how your business succeeds and fails on each front – and what to do about it.

The course outline is as follows:

What is diversity

1. What is:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexuality

2. Why diversity matters :

  • Socially/relationally
  • Economically
  • Physically
  • Spiritually

3. What we’ve lost :

  • Trust
  • Richness of culture
  • Economic viability (colonization, wage gap)
  • Humanity
  • Community

4. What we stand to gain/is there hope

5. What we must consider when achieving diversity / What challenges do we face with diversity

  • (Intersectionality)
  • Anti-racism
  • White washing history
  • Implicit basis
  • Microaggression
  • Complicity
  • Tokenism

6. How to use what you’ve got/how to embrace it in business and life



Monique Melton