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The Wedding Summit

Business, Craft, Purpose • April 2016


TimeTuesday, Apr 19Wednesday, Apr 20Thursday, Apr 21
7:00 am Foundations with Clients Jacklyn Greenberg Shooting Every Hour of the Day Cliff Mautner The Myth of Personal Projects Susan Stripling
8:00 am Selling Albums Rob Greer Posing Techniques Scott Robert Lim Client Playtime Jacklyn Greenberg
9:00 am Your Wedding Contract Rachel Brenke Storytelling: Light & Composition Jacklyn Greenberg Problem Solving: Playing Around Parker Pfister & Jacklyn Greenberg
10:00 am SEO Success Strategies Rob Greer Low Light Reception Cliff Mautner The 1-Click Workshop Parker Pfister
11:00 am Copyright and Credit Rachel Brenke Problem Solving: Crappy Locations Cliff Mautner & Susan Stripling Passion and Purpose Julia Kelleher
12:00 pm Business Tips & Tricks Susan Stripling Achieving Perfect Exposure Susan Stripling The 1-Click Challenge Parker, Susan, Jacklyn
1:00 pm Demo: 17Hats Ryan Groves Lighting Techniques Scott Robert Lim Seeing Past the Obvious Parker Pfister
2:00 pm How do you run YOUR Business? Group Conversation Creative Intervention Susan Stripling & Parker Pfister Staying Inspired While Running Business Group Conversation
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Susan Stripling

Parker Pfister

Jacklyn Greenberg

Cliff Mautner

Rob Greer

Rachel Brenke

Ryan Groves

Scott Robert Lim

Julia Kelleher