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The Wedding School is brought to you by wedding photographer Susan Stripling.  Susan has been a working wedding photographer since 2002, and has been educating wedding photographers worldwide since 2008.  She is a sought-after instructor at photography conventions, both in-person and online, and has led small group and large in-person workshops out of her studio in Brooklyn, New York.

What does membership in The Wedding School entail?

A membership to The Wedding School lasts for a full calendar year.  During that year, you have access to the following:

  • The Wedding Fundamentals.  This is over twenty hours of everything you’ll need to know in order to be a working wedding photographer.  The five pillars of the Fundamentals are Business and Finance, Sales and Marketing, Wedding Skills, Post-Production, and Photo Skills.  Susan will break each of these segments down into multiple detailed sub-segments, and at the end of these lessons you’ll have a very detailed overview of everything from creating a price list to photographing rings with a macro lens, developing a social media marketing plan to lighting a reception – and every single thing in between!
  • Over 450+ pages of Wedding Textbooks.  There is a textbook forBusiness and Finance, Sales and Marketing, Wedding Skills, and Post-Production.  These extraordinarily detailed handbooks are more in depth than any books that Susan has ever written before.  The books themselves have a retail value of nearly eight hundred dollars, so your yearly membership more than covers just the books alone!
  • A year of access to the Learning Library.  The Learning Library is a completely massive collection of tutorial videos, taking each of the five pillars of Fundamentals and expanding them repeatedly into sub-lessons. Want to learn how to relocate your business?  There is a class for that.  Your wedding workflow?  We’ve got you covered.  How to hire an assistant?  There’s a class for that – and much more.  There are over a hundred and twenty-five videos in the Learning Library!

How is The Wedding School different from the online courses Susan has taught before?

Fundamentals are fundamentals. So if you watched Susan’s 30-Days of Wedding Photography with Creative Live, a lot of the wedding fundamentals in The Wedding School will include similar refresher materials.

Bear in mind that any course Susan has done before has only existed in a brief amount of time.  Once any course was recorded, it was over.  There were no updates.  That’s not the case with The Wedding School.  Susan brings you weekly live lessons, weekly live Q&A’s, and constantly updated information and demonstrations.  She has never done that in any course before!

The biggest difference in those fundamentals are the 450+ pages of textbook PDFs go into more in depth than what Susan has taught or written before. Another difference is that the materials are simply more current. The wedding industry, and Susan’s business have evolved over the last four years in ways that are reflected in this updated fundamentals series.

What truly differentiates from anything Susan has ever done before is the Wedding School’s Learning Library.  This Library has massive deep dives into hundreds of topics, guest instructors, and much more that we have yet to reveal.

When, where, and how can I watch the videos?

At the top of The Wedding School website you should see links for each of the 5 main areas of running a Wedding Photography business. Clicking on any of these links will take you to the list of course videos for that section.

Click on any of the educational topics and you’ll be able to watch the videos for that topic in the web video player. On the left side of that video play you can quickly jump to particular segments you are interested in.

If you’d like to try out The Wedding School video, take a look at “Why Wedding Photography?” which is open for everyone to watch for free.

Can I download and watch the videos offline?

Not yet. We are planning to make the Wedding Fundamentals videos available for download later this year. The Learning Library videos will not be available for download. The PDF textbooks and slides will all be available for download as they become available for each course.

When my year of membership is up, what happens?  How do I renew?

After a year, you’ll be emailed a link to renew your membership at a special renewal rate.  If you choose to renew, you’ll continue your membership with no interruption!  If you decide to take a break, the Fundamentals will always be yours to watch whenever you need.  When you’re ready to come back into the Learning Library, simply click to renew your subscription!

Do you have any member testimonials or reviews that I can read?

We surely do!  We have been so honored by the sweet words that photographers have said about Susan and her education.  Click here to read them!

What is the difference in the quarterly versus yearly membership?

When you sign up for a year of The Wedding School, membership is $299.  If you choose the quarterly option, it’s $99, billed four times during the year.  You’ll save $97 over the course of the year by choosing the one-time option!

What if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

You can email us anytime at  We look forward to hearing from you!

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