Frequently Asked Questions

We are compiling a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about The Wedding School. Scroll down for the answers to these questions. Or email us at if you have questions that are not answered here.

  • How is The Wedding School different from other courses Susan has taught before?
  • Where, when and how can I watch the videos?
  • Can I download and watch the videos offline?

Q: How is The Wedding School different from other courses Susan has taught before?

A: Fundamentals are fundamentals. So if you watched Susan’s 30-Days of Wedding Photography many years ago, a lot of the wedding fundamentals in The Wedding School will include similar refresher materials.

The biggest difference in those fundamentals are the 450+ pages of textbook PDFs go into more in depth than what Susan has taught or written before. Another difference is that the materials are simply more current. The wedding industry, and Susan’s business have evolved over the last two years in ways that are reflected in this updated fundamentals series.

What we hope will truly differentiate The Wedding School is the Learning Library that we are building over the coming year. This Library will have massive deep dives into hundreds of topics, guest instructors, and much more that we have yet to reveal.

Q: Where, when and how can I watch the videos?

A: At the top of The Wedding School website you should see links for each of the 5 main areas of running a Wedding Photography business. Clicking on any of these links will take you to the list of course videos for that section.

Click on any of the educational topics and you’ll be able to watch the videos for that topic in the web video player. On the left side of that video play you can quickly jump to particular segments you are interested in.


If you’d like to try out The Wedding School video, take a look at “Why Wedding Photography?” which is open for everyone to watch for free.

Q: Can I download and watch the videos offline?

A: Not yet. We are planning to make the Wedding Fundamentals videos available for download at some point, but you do have lifetime access to those videos online with your membership. The Learning Library videos will not be available for download. The PDF textbooks are all available for download.